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Tilley & Lincoln, PLLC is a full service accounting firm located in Twin Falls, Idaho. We specialize in helping small business owners thrive and succeed. Success doesn't just happen, it is earned. We, by taking a proactive approach in helping them, make their businesses more profitable.

The core of our approach is:
Develop an accounting system that works
Teach clients how to interpret their numbers
Develop strategies based on the numbers to improve the business
Take action on the strategies

Client Each time we are engaged by a client, we look for opportunities to make them more successful. For example, even a tax return can shine a light on options to improve a client's bottom line. We don't just fill in the blanks, we use tax returns and every client contact as an opportunity to discover ways to make money and improve operations.

Training is a large part of our practice. We give seminars on various subjects and provide QuickBooks training all year long.

Please give us a call at 208-733-5811.

We accelerate success for our clients by taking a proactive approach in helping them make their businesses more profitable.

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